Happy New Year!

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Here is a pic of my children

Went to PA for Christmas…here is the scoop ….

Saturday I didn’t do much (big mistake) Sunday morning 9 am our power goes out due to strong winds… UH OH…why did I wait to do laundry and prepare (AGAIN) ???

Called power company….”your estimated time of power restoration is 10 hours”. Ok, I tell myself…you will just be up late getting things done….could not go to church because we couldn’t get ready…which stinks as it is the Sunday before Christmas!

Went out for awhile to warm up came back home to check on pets…called power company… “your estimated time of power restoration is 6 hours” cool…it’s going down…may have to wait until 10pm tonight but that’s ok.

Went to my parents house for a while to warm up again. Went to dinner looking pretty bad with bad hair and no make up…by this time it is 8pm…. Called electric co from the cell… “Your estimated time of power restoration is 2 hours” cool…still looks like 10.

Went home plugged into the neighbors generator so we could at least watch a little TV…10 pm called electric co. “DTE is aware of the situation but all previous power restoration estimates are void” GRRRRR we did stay here all night and it was cold!…woke up early threw what clean clothes we had in the suit case and got out of here….thankfully for the pets the power did come on about 2 hours after we left. We did have a nice

visit in PA …we stayed at a hotel near my sisters house with my parents. Jacob got to swim which he LOVES to do! Spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day at my sisters and headed back home Christmas afternoon..

The rest of the week we spent getting ready for hubby’s family to come over to house home for their family Christmas that is always the Saturday after Christmas. We have been refinishing our kitchen cabinets, which has been a lot more work than anticipated. I painted the kitchen and made curtains the previous week but we had much to get finished before Saturday and worked constantly for 3 days…but hey…the kitchen is almost done J.

New Years day was spent traveling to pick up the puppy my daughter purchased with her own hard earned money. We chose a cockapoo…we currently have a golden retriever who is 11 years and decided to go with a smaller breed that does not shed.
She is sooooooo adorable but boy is she a lot of work! She is 8 weeks today. We are training her and she is doing really well…I think she will be a real good dog!
Here are some pics:

We have had two pretty big snow falls …usually we don’t get snow until after Christmas…but today it is in the 50’s …crazy!
We had a real heavy snowfall, which is so beautiful when the trees are covered!

Hubby gets off Christmas Eve through New Years so we get really out of our routine during that time! This is the first week that things are somewhat normal and it feels good!!

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!!

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